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Macbook Pro auto graphic switching issues!

First of all… apparently this blog will continue to live as a more informal counterpart to and because I need a place to post these less music related-stories.


But this article is more for people with Macbook Pro laptops that are suffering from nvidia always-on-itis.  This is the terrible condition where your “up to 8-9 hours” battery life proves to be absolutely nowhere near true despite being a brand new laptop!

Most people won’t suffer from this problem but my new Apple laptop was regularly performing under-whelmingly in the battery department and I discovered that this is due to the auto-graphics switching not functioning correctly.  Or rather, it functions correctly, but I have a driver on my machine that allows me to use my canon scanner (a Canon n124u) and I only discovered what it was by using Cody’s gFx manager which he gives away for free/donation.

As you can see, the offending application calls itself ‘LaunchCFMApp’ and I think it has something to do with OS X using ‘Rosetta’ to run old PPC applications.

Just ‘Quit Process on that nasty PowerPC app and huzzah!  Macbook Pro will switch the nVidia card off!

I hope that helps to save at least one poor soul out there who doesn’t fancy wasting hours figuring out why their shiny Macbook Pro’s battery sucks for no reason.