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This Blog is being superceded

Did i spell superceded correctly?

Anyhow, is sadly coming to an end but only because a better one is now available!  Huzzah!

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RCM Laptop Orchestra

This year is my 2nd and final year of the MMus in Composition & Composition for Screen at the Royal College of Music.  I’ve recently set up a group for the purposes of teaching and encouraging improvisation through experimentation and interactive graphic scores for performance on Laptop.  The RCM Laptop Orchestra has now had two meetings, 1 rehearsal and is off to a great start!  Keep up with our progress here at


Sirikata – Virtual world ‘swallows the web’

At first i thought it seems a bit pointless to go into a virtual world only to confront another web browser…but after i heard the idea of Sirikata ‘swallowing’ the web it all started to make more sense.  Key features of sirikata, according to Pauline Oliveros who introduced me to it, include migration of existing virtual spaces and now it appears to include pretty much the whole www.

une bonne idee n’est-ce pas? Check this link out…

And this awesome video! –

Second Life Update!

First of all

Apologies!!!  I have neglected updates to my blog recently as I’ve moved house back to London, currently living quite close to South Kensington where I study composition with Howard Davidson and David Burnand at the Royal College of Music, London.

Secondly! – SECOND LIFE

Expect activity regarding the use of Second Life for Music/Theatre performance in the next few months as from May 8th-15th I will be working with Franziska Schroeder and Pauline Oliveros in a project exploring virtual world improvisatory performance.  I will be there as a Second Life specialist providing platform-specific support to help run the session.  I expect also to be making videos and photos from the session.

For more information regarding the project ‘Improvisation for Two Crowds’, see

More to come…


Final Fantasy VII [Videogame Music dissertation]

It’s been a couple years now, but this is a copy of my dissertation entitled ‘The Narrative Role of Music in Role-playing Games: Final Fantasy VII’.  I know there’s more FFVII fans out there than there are of any other final fantasy game so I figured I ought to release this online for people to read.  It’s a gaming theory based analysis of story-telling in videogame contexts.

Final Fantasy VII

The Narrative Role of Music in Role-playing Games: Final Fantasy VII

Dissertation: The Narrative Role of Music in Role-playing Games: Final Fantasy VII [pdf]

Research Project: God Mode: Playing the Ultimate Killer [Music and the portrayal of Violence in Videogames] [pdf]

Musical written for Martin Bolton – now on dvd

How exciting is this?  Mr. Bolton has finally burned the DVD of the now-titled ‘Death in D Minor’ co-written by myself and a colleague, Johnny Stormonth-Darling.  When Martin approached us about the project asking us to write a musical in 3 weeks I have to admit, i told him it was impossible!  But 3 weeks later Johnny and I had 10 songs together and all the lyrics and hey presto a couple months later this fine product arrived on my doorstep!



According to the front cover, music has ‘never been to terrifying’ haha!  But seriously, I had almost no contact with this after writing the music until the dvd arrived yesterday and I have to say its extremely close to what I’d imagined and the choreography and cinematography are genuinely laugh out loud.

So here’s you Mr. Bolton and your cast of confuzzled murderers and hitch hikers!

If the dvd is distributed after the premiere I will let you know, just email me same place as usual –


Impact. React. Respond.

This is a project I worked on last term for MA in Sonic Arts at SARC in Belfast. It’s ‘live performance system’ for making music using drawing gestures and physics-based movement and motion capture. Not sure what else I can say about it! Basically you could draw shapes using an infrared light which I tracked the motion of using Max/MSP/Jitter and I programmed the interaction and motion capture using JMyron for blob tracking in Processing.