Silent Disco – For Ossian Ensemble

What is it that I find so satisfying about scores that have disappearing staves?  Admittedly i never write scores like this, but on this occasion i’m going to make an exception.  In true Christopher Chong style, this score has absolutely nothing to do with the piece in that it merely shows the performers a notated example of what to expect sonically…

Clip of Silent Disco

Clip of Silent Disco

The piece actually features most of the musical instructions being transmitted through headphones attached to an iPod touch receiving audio wirelessly using Max/MSP and aka.speech, and Airfoil.  The piece form part of a suite comprising a sort of twisted carnival of the animals.  Unsurprisingly, i’ve been given the ‘lab rat’, hehe.  Expect shouting, screaming and plenty of other LOUD NOISES.

The Ossian Ensemble

The Ossian Ensemble

Gig is July 8th, 2009 at the Royal College of Music. The Ossian ensemble is currently resident at the RCM as Junior Fellows.  For more details check out the news posts at


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