SL’etude – Sax, Max and Second Life

We’ve finally had a chance to do a test performance on Franziska Schroeder’s DRHA submission piece ‘SLetude’ based on the SLProxy application we’ve been developing to send data between Second Life and Max/MSP. The testing took place on Wednesday June 18, 2008 at the Sonic Lab in the Sonic Arts Research Centre at the Queen’s University Belfast.

What you’ll see in the video is a combination of about 4 different programming languages and applications to send audio in and out of second life from a concert venue whereby 3D objects with sounds attached are thrown around in the virtual world with their sound diffused 3-dimensionally in the Sonic Lab. The Sonic Lab at SARC is a room capable of total surround sound in 48 channels above and below the listeners/performers.

Christopher ChongProxy dev, Visuals, Max/MSP patching, Framework design
Pedro Rebelo – Independent Study supervisor, Network Performance research
Franziska Schroeder – Saxophonist, SL’etude composition
Hunter McCurry – LED gesture visuals

The piece is to be performed in concert along with a paper session at the Digital Humanities and Research for the Arts (DRHA) 2008 conference.


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