Max/MSP + Second Life: Spatialization

Ok so here is a better example of what we’ve been trying to do as part of the Second Life performance project. I’ve tried to make the video as clear as possible. The site is the European University II which is where virtual SARC is based. The patch is running on Max/MSP 5 and the SLProxy is running in the background. There is practically no delay between getting information out of Max and into an object whereby its speed it limited by the LSL scripting system in second life (soon to be replaced by mono).

So here it is, sound objects each with 6 specifically programmed locations and trajectories driven by random selection in Max/MSP. The fellow walking into SARC at the beginning is my little avatar DjChongy. Look me up if you are about in SL!


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  1. this looks like an awesome interaction between the virtual environment and a RL desktop application. really interesting.


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