Multi-touch Screen Phase 2

I’m not entirely sure why i keep referring to this part of the project as ‘phase #2’ but anyway it makes me feel better about where i am in the project and also slightly less panicked about the tiny little issue that it needs to be finished in…1 week!!

So anyway, most everything i learned is from running a fine toothed comb through Google and the forums at the NUI Group which is super helpful and an extremely friendly community of fellow touch-screen builders.  Essentially what i’m building is known as a DI (diffused illumination) table which means that you shine infrared light at a slab of Acrylic with a sheet of translucent material in front of it.  When a user places their fingers on the front surface their fingers reflect the IR light back stronger than the translucent paper does.  From this point you can implement your favourite variety of ‘blob tracking’ using a video camera and a computer.

It\'s vertical because i\'m using a window-esque metaphor for this project


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